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We provide professional legal services in all types of employment based immigration categories.

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We provide professional legal services in all types of nonimmigrant visa categories tailored to your need.

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Internet sites and information to help answer your basic questions and ease your immigration journey.

Immigration News

  • USCIS announced on April 11, 2018 that it has completed the computer-generated random selection process, or lottery, to select enough H-1B petitions to meet the congressionally-mandated number of petitions for regular cap and master’s cap for fiscal year (FY) 2019.
  • Department of State released the May 2018 Visa Bulletin. You can access the copy of the Visa Bulletin on the Department of State website here.
  • On April 6, 2018, USCIS announced that it has reached the 65,000 H-1B visa Regular Cap and the 20,000 visa H-1B Masters Cap for the 2019 Fiscal Year.


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